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Introduction to Smiley Faces - Free Smiley Faces to Hotlink or Download

Hi there and welcome to the site Free Smiley Face Courtesy of As those of you who have come here often you will notice a major site redesign, I really hope all my visitors new and seasoned like it as much as I do.

There's plenty of free content to be found here, feel free to browse the site and hotlink to anything you like. There are several pages of smiley faces that you can hotlink to, all in various categories and the list is always growing.There's also several pages of wallpapers that are split into 2 main groups, 1600x1200 wallpapers and 1440x900 widescreen wallpapers with 2 pages of extended smiley wallpapers. You can even hotlink to them all if you need to, smileys, avatars and wallpapers, for the avatars and wallpapers just right click and select properties and you can copy paste the url into your forum, website, blog, myspace or other social networking site that allows background images. The only thing I ask is that if you run a busy site and anticpate to draw on alot of my resources a link back would be nice, thanks!

Smiley Faces Info Snippet

The emoticon, a portmanteau of Emotion Iconization or Emotion Icons, an emoticon, also called a smiley or smiley face, started life off as a sequence of ordinary printable ascii characters, or a small image, intended to represent a human facial expression and convey an emotion. Smiley Faces are a form of paralanguage commonly used as extended interpunction symbols in e-mail, online chat, bulletin boards, instant messaging and Internet forums; without them simple statements could be easily misinterpreted.

Around about 1981, Scott Fahlman (now a Principal Research Scientist in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University), came up with a scheme for encoding and conveying one's feelings in small text "glyphs" to overcome this frustration.

According to popular etymology, the emoticon, is a a combination of emotion and icon. The verticon (from vertical and icon), is often used when referring to the East Asian style of emoticon.

In the common ascii smiley :-) the colon represents the eyes, the bracket for the mouth and the hyphen is for the nose.

Since Scott's idea in the early 80's the ascii emoticons have evolved and many variations exist all imparting some level of emotion in a textual medium. As HTML evolved to include graphics someone came up with the idea of using the traditional graphic smiley face that could be used on internet forums around the world, the level of detail added in these smileys is often quite remarkable and can show complicated but repeatable animations.

Suggestions & Contributions

If there's anything not on the site that you'd like to see drop me a note, a link to my email can be found to the left and at the bottom of the page. I'm always interested in adding more free content, if you are a smiley maker, or you have something to do with smileys in general and want to contribute something feel free to drop me a note too, I don't mind giving credit for the content I display and it could help you garner more visitors for your own site if you have one.

Smiley Faces News

Site Update - 23rd June 2009
Added a new Watchmen Smiley Wallpaper, and 2 new Smiley Background Wallpapers, more on the way soon! Smiley Faces

Site Update - 8th June 2009
Added so many new Smiley Wallpapers that I had to split the category into 2, there is now a brand spanking new Widescreen Smiley Wallpapers page.

Site Update - 24th January 2009
New Smiley Wallpaper added to the site!

Site Update - 20th January 2009
Added 3 pages of Cute Wallpapers, check them out!

Site Update - 19th January 2009
Added some smiley avatars to the new Smiley Avatars Page, there's 13 avatars there right now but more will come in time! Free Smiley Face Courtesy of

Also moved the Smiley Backgrounds to their own page from just being tacked on to the Smiley Wallpaper page.

Site Update - 8th December 2008
Added 3! Widescreen smiley face wallpapers to the site you can find them on the Smiley Face Wallpapers Page.

Site Update - 18th August 2008
Plenty of new smileys added today, from angelic smileys to the Matrix smileys plus the other galleries have been padded out too! Enjoy! Free Smiley Face Courtesy of

Site Update - 12th July 2008
Redisgned the site again! Basic layout is the same, though not as complicated and I've made it brighter and more colourful!

Site Update - 11th July 2008
A new addition to the site, Smiley Backgrounds! Free Smiley Face Courtesy of

Site Update - 22nd June 2008
Added 12 smiley faces to the site and 2 smiley wallpapers! Hope you like them Free Smiley Face Courtesy of

You can find 6 of the new smileys here Smiley Faces Page 3 and 6 more here at Smiley Faces - Bouncing, the new smiley wallpapers can be found here at Smiley Faces Wallpapers.

Site Update - 4th May 2008
Just a bit of reorganisation today, I placed the most commonly used smiley faces on page 1, the rest you can find on pages 2 and 3.

I'll be adding more smileys to the collection soon so check back often!

Site Update - 2nd May 2008
Brand new design! Am still tweaking the content as we speak so expect minor changes here and there but nothing major I imagine. Will keep you posted on this page whenever I add or change anything substantial or of note, keep your eyes peeled, bookmark us and come back often!